Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's a lot of Crocus bulbs

117 pots per box, each pot has 30bulbs in that is
3,510 bulbs per box, so there are a lot of bulbs ready for planting. Over 11 boxes, its a lot of Crocus!

Counting Bulbs

We soon made easy work of counting out the 40,000 crocus bulbs into 30 bulbs per pot. Many hands make light work.

Preparing for the Big Bulb Plant

The turf removal team are doing a splendid job, three sides of Golborne house are now ready for planting, the fourth side is partially done and completion is expected tomorrow.

There is an air of exitement about the place

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Focus on the Crocus

Still a long way to go, but today we have made a lot of progress, two more days of digging should see us reach the end. I can't wait to see the wonderful show in February!

Focus on the Crocus

The footings for the planting is being dug out ready for Saturdays World record attempt

Focus on the Crocus

Three hours later and we are all done marking out the lawns. Tomorrow will see the teams of gardeners come and remove the turf ready for planting. Today has been a good team effort.

Focus on the Crocus

There is a lot of work to be done, marking out the plots where crocus are to be planted, a fantastic turn out by members along with Alan our chief gardner.

Focus on the Crocus

Our Focus on the Crocus campaign will be centered on Golborne House, we will be attempting the Guiness book of records for the most people planting bulbs in an hour.

St Helens Charity Dinner

Distinguished guests Gordon McInally Past RI Director & Past RIBI president, along with Norman Prince, enabled the Charity evening to be a very successful fundraiser. Both were on top form, an informative and entertaining evening.
Simon Hairsnape's hard work made a superb evening!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

RIBI President

RIBI President Jim Moulson & President of Golborne Lightshaw me!


We had a great weekend in the I.O.M. DG Bernard hosted a good conference

I.O.M Gervase Phinn

Keynote Speaker Gervase Phinn was great!

Very entertaining and humerous, best of conference!

I.O.M Entertainers

Shelterbox was the star of the entertainment, Tom Henderson gave us an update on the great work that is being carried out


RIBI President Jim Moulson shared our conference

I.O.M Golborne

Sue and I grabbed a moment together in between their hectic schedule.

I.O.M Friday Night

Last night of the Proms on Friday night was good fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and let their hair down.

I.O.M DGs Reception

Pete, Cally, Roger and me, at the DGs reception


Other guests at Bill & Marions reception!

I.O.M. Conference Hospitality

Enjoying the hospitality and fellowship of Bill & Marion Wright. Bill is the St Helens President.

I.O.M. Conference

Our hotel was the Sephton a lovely room with a balcony looking into the Atrium

I.O.M Conference

Iconic views of Liverpool that you don't see
every day.

I.O.M. Conference

We left from Liverpool on the Sea-Cat fortunately it was a beautiful day and a calm crossing

DGE Visit

David Ellis our District Governor Elect paid us a visit this evening . David is always welcome!

Book Fair

This evening we sorted out our books in preparation for a book fair that is planned for later in the year