Sunday, 5 December 2010

Manchester Christmas Market

It's always good to start Christmas with a visit to Manchester Christmas Market

Mike meets Santa

Mike came along to help Santa in the Grotto

Christmas Fayre

Golborne County Primary School was the venue for the Christmas Fayre. Our Tombola and book stall was very popular.

Compassion in Action

Delivered donation of bedding,sleeping bags,towels and electrical appliances for the
Homeless Night Shelter Appeal.
This year Compassion in Action will be providing the second night shelter for the homeless and rough sleepers over the Christmas period at Lowton St Marys Church hall.

Monday, 15 November 2010


The Rotary Club of Golborne Lightshaw Wreath


Representing Golborne Lightshaw Rotary Club at the Cenotaph. It was a moving experience, that I will always remember.

Mayor of Wigan

Councillor Michael Winstanley is the Wigan Mayor for 2010-11. As we are both in our year of office at the same time we keep bumping into each other at various functions.

Andy Burham MP

There were a lot of VIPs at the Rememberence Parade, pictured with our MP Andy Burnham
Andy will be coming along to visit the club soon.

Meeting old friends

It was nice to meet up with a lot of old friends, Brian Simpson is a friend from Sunday school days, nowadays Brian is an MEP for the North West and was elected to the European Parliament in June 1989 and has represented our region for 18 years

Golborn Lightshaw

Pictured with Pat & Alan, preparing to join the procession to the Cenataph.

Rememberence Sunday

Along with other civic organisations at the Cenataph in Golborne, laying a wreath on behalf of The Rotary Club of Golborne Lightshaw. Also in the picture is Pam from Compassion in Action

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Golborne Lightshaw 5th Charter

A proud time as President of Golborne Lightshaw on our 5th Charter evening

Toast to Rotary International

Toast to Rotary International

Vercoe the Clown

Ever since he visited the Bertram Mills Cicus
as a six year old Arthur has had a fascination with the circus and particularly clowns. Our guest speaker this evening.

Arthur Pedlar

Guest Speaker Arthur Pedlar displaying the magnificent costume that he wears on the occasions that he plays the White Faced clown. The costume is a priceless antique but is in wonderful condition

Party Time

Under Way

Everyone of the club made a superb effort, to make the evening a memorable one.


District Governor Bernard, Sue, guest speaker Arthur and myself as we prepared for our entrance into the hall.

Club Members and Guests


More special guests

Fellowship at it's best

Some photographs of guests that came along to share our celebrations

Our Guests

It was great to have David & Linda to join us, we have shared a lot of precious moments together, that stay fresh in our memories

They are always the best of company

Inside Menu

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Charter Menu

Mike & Tina have done a brilliant job in producing our menu
as always it is very professional.

Golborne Charter

Our fifth Charter Anniversary, I'm filled with pride at being President

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Compassion in action

Pam Gilligan and Joe gave an excellent presentation this evening, as ambassadors for Compassion in Action. Compassion in Action are about to open a health and wellbeing centre in Golborne. The aim is to make the centre the focal point for a community of recovery.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Home Time

We aimed for the moon, and reached the stars. No world record, but hey what a great time we had and a great community effort. Thanks to everyone for making today possible
February won't come soon enough to see the results of our efforts today.
To the members of The Rotary Club of Golborne Lightshaw, feel very proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Done

Time for a mince pie as the challenge comes to a conclusion. All that is missing is a good cup of tea.

Distant Travellers

The volunteers pictured left were visitors from New Zealand, and had nothing but praise for our endeavours.
Having participated in the planting, they will view the blog with interest to see the results when the crocus are in bloom.


All the volunteers were presented with a certificate in appreciation of their hard work and donations

More Planting

All 20.000 bulbs were planted in less than an hour, earlier in the day it looked like we may be planting for a few days. However with a lot of good will and hard work the planting had been successful.

20,000 Crocus Bulbs

With 20,000 bulbs to be planted, all the pots were strategically placed around the grounds, and the volunteers were asked to keep planting as long as they were happy to continue


The weather was kind, yesterday had been torrential all day, everyone was getting dirty and have fun at the same time

Planting begins

Their was a spirit of fun as the planting began, all the participants were eager to plant, and make a difference to the Care Home gardens, as well as helping to eradicate polio